Sunday, May 14, 2006

Champagne & Tiara's

Sparkle Land has been quite sparkly lately I have had to take my tiara out of the cabinet and dust off the cobwebs because I was summoned to the Tower, no I wasn't being beheaded quite from it, my little Bears in the Community were being recognised for the way they taught little nursery school children to dial 999. I had a lovely time being blasted to the top of the Tower in a lift that resembled a spaceship. The views across the kingdom were spectacular and the food and alcohol were scrumptious. I went to the ladies and when I came back my table had gone no I hadn't had too much of that sparkling stuff the floor had started spinning on it's own. My little Bears won first prize and a big fat cheque for £2,000 to be given to a charity of their choice how marvellous! Since I have been back my celebrity status has grown interviews with the corporate magazine (I am being featured next month) and a radio interview which has been being played all of this week on our very own corporate radio (although nobody can hear it because they are not allowed to listen whilst on line). My name has been flashing up in lights all week on the screens around the room, Oh I can't cope with all of this attention I had better go and have a lie down.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Be afraid, be very afraid

Well at last, I thought I might as well join you all and attempt to put into perspective my own views of the big ball hanging around in the spacey universey thingy.